County Wexford Grand Jury Collection

Our Grand Jury collection is in the process of being digitised at present, and we hope to make the volumes available online on a phased basis over the course of 2021.

WXCA/P 436

From our collection of private holdings in the county archive, this handwritten Grand Jury presentment book for County Wexford covers the period Summer Assizes 1817-Spring Assizes 1823 and represents the earliest document in the GJ collection.

WXCA/P4361817 – 1823PDF (190 MB)
County Wexford Grand Jury Finding AidDOCX (50 KB)
WXCA/GJ/2/11847 – 1850PDF (163 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/21858PDF (161 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/31859PDF (113 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/41864PDF (106 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/51865PDF (95 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/61866PDF (92 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/71867PDF (150 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/81870PDF (96 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/91871PDF (143 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/101872PDF (161 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/111875PDF (94 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/121878PDF (94 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/131881PDF (92 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/141882PDF (89 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/151886PDF (97 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/161887PDF (98 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/171888PDF (98 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/181890PDF (104 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/191891PDF (36 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/201892PDF (86 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/211893PDF (110 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/221895PDF (108 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/231897PDF (39 MB)
WXCA/GJ/2/241898PDF (40 MB)